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The CHARMe project in the Hellenic Congress of Rural & Surveying Engineering

The 4th Hellenic Congress of Geoinformatics & Rural-Surveying Engineering took place in Thessaloniki from 26 to 28 of September 2014. The conference covered the fields of R&D in Geoinformatics, Mapping & Urban Development and Environment & Climate Change.




During the conference, Terra Spatium SA presented the CHARME project to the participants, most of which are potential users. The presentation was focused on the importance of using proper climate data, being certain that the dataset used is the most suitable one for the specific task, if it has been validated or even if it is influenced by external factors such as a malfunction in the measuring instrument or an extreme weather phenomenon.
Specifically, in the conference there were key representatives from Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, end-users where CHARMe concept mostly addresses to. Meantime, there was presence of the Greek authority responsible for civil protection under the umbrella of the Region of Central Macedonia. This specific region of Greece faces every day potential threats due to extreme weather phenomena (that may have occurred because of climate change effects). Therefore their interest was arisen because of the nature of the CHARME concept that is strongly related with their areas of concern.
Furthermore, there where participants from Greek public authorities such as National Cadastre & Mapping Agency S.A. ( and the Greek Payment Authority of Common Agricultural Policy (C.A.P.) Aid Schemes ( Matters of climate change data and metadata are of high value to them, especially under the frame of INSPIRE directive, the ambition of which they want to achieve in order to be fully compliant with the EU directive.
The positive feedback was identified during the aftermath discussions in the exhibition area where the CHARMe brochures were distributed, mostly from Research Institutes and Companies as they wanted to learn more details for CHARMe tools. They found really interesting that someone can search for metadata via a site that has installed the CHARMe plug-in, while using the interactive CHARMe button which will be presented in association with each search result. Thus, it is scheduled a presentation point to point regarding the user’s guidelines after the project finalization.
This positive approach of stakeholders from different sectors in a national level shows the dynamic of CHARMe concept and the utility to be developed this project in order to help users to find right data more efficiently.